Welcome to the world of holistic education at FPS Nawada.At FPS Nawada we believe, that learning is multi-dimensional-as we prepare students for the world & challenges for the future. FPS Nawada’s pedagogical ideology transcends the confines of the classrooms & pages of a textbook to a more multi-faceted approach. In keeping with the theory of “Multiple Intelligence,” we believe that every child has some latent potential and we seek to make them aware of this

Our Mission

FPS aims to create global citizens, who possess intercultural respect and understanding. To this end, the school is committed to ignite the minds of the students to dream big and possess valuable life skills. We endeavour to impart quality education that would transform the students into independent, resilient, socially sensitive learners for life, so that, they become individuals of value to the society.

Our Activities

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Cultural Activities

Students are encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities which are important for their overall development. Debates, declamations, group discussions symposia and quiz competitions are held periodically on topics of current international significance, not only to expand awareness of the world outside the school.


The days showing children on streets playing hide & seek, marbels are not be found these days as parents have become over ambitious and they keep their children under pressure to fulfill their dreams. Having known to this fact we arrange co-curricular activities in the school such as dance, music- play, skit, sports and games, Drawing and crafting etc which make the child feel happy and free in his area.

Health and Medical Care

The school pays special attention to the students well being. All students are put through an annual medical examination by specialists. Health cards are prepared and maintained for all students.

Our Events

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Best School In Nawada,Bihar



Kids special Occassion - Stunning lass with their parents up in the crowd , All dolled up in angelic white gown

Best School In Nawada,Bihar



"On the Occassion of Republic Day". We all geared up to to celebrate republic day with enthusiasm.

Best School In Nawada,Bihar



A well organized assembly establishes a positive tone for teachers and students. So here we are reconnecting our entire school "Family" at the beginning of each day!

Best School In Nawada,Bihar



A young mind is the sharpest mind. On the Ocassion of annual science fair in F.P.S an innovative eco friendly project model presented by class 9th students based on Internet of Things.

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